Drogaria Adriano Duque

Drogaria Adriano Duque



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Rua de São Cristóvão 10


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2ª a sexta

08:30-13:00 / 15:00-19:30


08:30 / 13:00

The Shop

The oldest document proving the existence of a drugstore in this area dates from 5 August 1925. It is the permit issued by the "Ministério de Comércio e Indústria" to "A. F. Marques" for the exploitation of a "deposit of combustible liquids and calcium carbide". In 1938 there is an endorsement passed to the then owner "José Nunes Lopes da Cruz", a situation that is repeated in 1939 in the name of "Carreira & rodrigues Lda." and that culminates in 1948 with the endorsement passed to the firm that still owns the establishment - "Adriano Duque, Lda. Adriano Duque, Lda. began its activity on the 5th August 1947, as stated in the permanent certificate of the Commercial Register. Before taking over the business, Laurinda Afonso Sales' husband was already working here. Mrs. Laurinda always worked with her husband, now she takes over the business on her own.

The "Adriano Duque" drugstore is still sought after by the old inhabitants of the neighbourhood, who also come here to socialise with Dona Laurinda, as could be seen on the day of the visit when a long-time neighbour was chatting in the shop. Moreover, with the proximity of several tourist accommodations in the area, it now offers a "luggage storage" service, confirmed by its own sign displayed in the shop.

Drogaria Adriano Duque
Drogaria Adriano Duque

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