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Batista & Reis — Nardo

Batista & Reis — Nardo



(+351) 213 421 350


Rua da Conceição 61 - 62,

1100-154 Lisboa

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Opening hours:

2ª A 6ª

09:00 — 19:00


09:00 — 13:00

The Shop

Located in a street that was once dedicated to the trade, the former Rua dos Retroseiros or Haberdasher Street, Batista & Reis is generally known as the “Brides’ Shop” on account of its wide range of articles for brides, weddings and similar ceremonies. It was the first shop in Lisbon to sell ready-to-wear wedding dresses. When it first opened in 1947, it took up only half the present-day space, having been remodelled in 1992. This remodelling saw the addition of spacious shop windows and the counters in light-coloured wood.

Hugo Barreiros owns both this shop and the Nardo shop (Mário Ramos) on the other side of the street. He spends more time here, but not because of any kind of favouritism. The sister shops are very different in personality: this shop has fabric flowers manufactured in house and there is a clear focus on weddings and other types of patterns, fabrics and laces. Ideally, they are two shops that complement each other. The two shops safeguard not only past techniques and currents, but also instruments: the wooden yard (or metre) stick, the scales and the patterns – all part of the shop’s material assets and still used today.

Batista & Reis — Nardo
Batista & Reis — Nardo

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