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Padaria São Roque

Padaria São Roque



(+351) 21 158 3920




Rua Dom Pedro V

1250-092 Lisboa

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Opening hours:

2ª A 6ª

06:30 — 19:00

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This “Cathedral of Bread”, located on the corner of Rua Dom Pedro V with Rua da Rosa, is one of Lisbon’s oldest bakeries still in operation. The building it is in was built after 1899, the date the building plans were submitted to the respective city council department. It occupies part of the land of the former Palácio dos Salemas, which was demolished in 1883 to make the widening of Rua do Moinho de Vento, today Rau Dom Pedro V, possible.

The bakeries in the Bairro Alto neighbourhood were united into one company by a government decree, forming Panificação Reunida de São Roque, Lda, an agglomeration of seven bakeries, a bread and cake factory and a bread store. The Padaria São Roque stands out from the other bakeries for its longevity and its exuberant Art Nouveau-inspired interior. In addition to the bread and patisserie the bakery produces, here one can also find the broa de Coimbra, a house specialty one will not find elsewhere in the city.

Padaria São Roque
Padaria São Roque

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Home-baked bread and cakes.

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