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Ourivesaria Rosa de Ouro

Ourivesaria Rosa de Ouro



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Rua da Lapa 23B

1200-700 Lisboa

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The clockmaker João Lagoas, who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the clocks in the nearby Basílica da Estrela, has been in this shop since the early 1990s when he bought the company. However, the Rosa de Ouro jewellery store has been flourishing here since 1956. The building in which it is located was built in 1954 and the company was founded a short while later.

When he hears a clock chiming, João Lagoas is able to identify it: “that was the gold one in the window”; this is the secret of the rose that gives its name to a jeweller’s store that is unique in the neighbourhood. Here one can find precious metal articles in silver and gold, traditional Portuguese jewellery and filigree work, etc. But above all, this is the place to go when the hands on your watch or clock start going haywire. In times when the rules of obsoletion dictate that whenever something breaks one simply buys a new item, places where one can have a watch or clock repaired are few and far between. This is one of them and should be cherished.

Ourivesaria Rosa de Ouro
Ourivesaria Rosa de Ouro

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