André Ópticas (Óptica do Chiado)

André Ópticas (Óptica do Chiado)



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Rua Garret 63/65
1200-203 Lisboa

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Opening hours:

Mon - Sat

10:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The Shop

These premises have been home to an optician’s shop since 1888. First, Óptica Ramos; then, in 1965, Óptica do Chiado; and finally, in 2005, André Ópticas. The essentials of that heritage have been preserved by André Ópticas: the physical heritage of Óptica do Chiado (the architectural design, including the furnishings and decoration) and the intangible heritage (the way of doing things, the customer service traditions and, most importantly, the customer portfolio, many of whom pass on their custom from generation to generation in their family). Some things were extended and/or updated, such as the range of models and brands available; and there has been a definitive commitment to quality frames, made by hand in acetate.

The current owner, André Leal, grew up surrounded by glasses. His parents, who purchased the shop, had always worked in the branch. On his summer holidays, in addition to going skateboarding and surfing, André would take with him lists of contacts where he hoped he could purchase exceptional glasses for his parents’ collection. He would buy them, send them home, and then go in search of the perfect waves. Many summers and many waves later, that collection became so important, encompassing some 3,000 models, that it gave rise to an exhibition in the MUDE Museum of Design in 2014/15. It was titled: “Por Detrás das Sombras”, an adaptation of the more polysemic English title “Behind the Shades”. The exhibition showcased more than 400 historic pairs of glasses from the 15th century to today. Whilst it was independent of the everyday life of the shop, it revealed the profound knowledge of, and pleasure derived from, spectacles as an object – both in functional and aesthetic terms – that is behind the every experience of buying at André Ópticas.

André Ópticas (Óptica do Chiado)
André Ópticas (Óptica do Chiado)

& Services

Manufacture, sale and repair of eyewear; optometry services

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