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Rua Francisco Metrass, 67

1350-139 Lisboa

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Segunda a Domingo

08:00 / 20:00

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The firm “Pastelaria Aloma, Lda.” was incorporated on January 1, 1949 and the initial lease contract dates from December 30, 1949; its owners are the partners of the firm João António Barreto and Daniel Luís Serrano Barreto. As these are the oldest legal documents, the opening year is considered to be 1949.
From the end of 2009 João Castanheira takes over the management of "Pastelaria Aloma" acquiring in 2020 the shares that still belonged to the founding partners. Currently the owner of the firm is "Aloma Distribuição S.A.", with João Castanheira remaining as manager. The new lease contract made by the landlord Emídio da Silva Baptista to "Pastelaria Aloma" was signed on July 16, 2015, starting on August 1, 2015 and with an initial term of 10 years, automatically renewable for equal and successive periods of 5 years.

With more than seven decades of history, in the traditional neighborhood of Campo de Ourique, "Pastelaria Aloma" is famous for its "pastéis de nata". Take a break and enjoy! (…) Recognized, nationally and internationally, for its award-winning “pastéis de nata” – Best “Pastel de Nata” 2012 and 2013 –, Aloma has a secret “that nobody knows” (…) Each of the “pastéis de nata” it is 100% handmade, they are opened by hand and the factory does not even have industrial machines. And if the courage to go ahead with a project along these lines is to be commended, the truth is that it presents some difficulties: “we don't make "pastéis de nata" in series, because being an artisanal manufacture, it implies more time, more collaborators throughout the process. But for the quality of the recipe, it is worth maintaining this method”, concludes the manager.

Pastelaria Aloma
Pastelaria Aloma

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