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Ourivesaria Dollar

Ourivesaria Dollar



(+351 213 428 304


Praça da Figueira 7B

1100-240 Lisboa

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Opening hours:

Monday to Friday

10:00 / 18:45


10:00 / 12:45

The Shop

Inaugurated in 1967, Ourivesaria Dólar – Adelino Santos e Ferreira, Lda. was designed and created to be an alternative in the supply of gold items and watches for the city of Lisbon.

In the field of Goldsmithery, it is with pride and affection that the Goldsmithery Dollar has a space exclusively dedicated to the ancient and called: “Gold with History”. A true ex-libris of the history of traditional Portuguese jewelery that is available to the public through unique period pieces for their rarity, eccentric for their magnificence and superb for the magnitude of their creation, through which much of the history of gold in Portugal is told .

Ourivesaria Dollar
Ourivesaria Dollar

& Services

Jewelery and watchmaking.

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