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Fortunato & Antunes





Rua de Alcântara, 16

1300-026 Lisboa

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The society "Fortunato e Antunes, Lda.", is a drugstore, hardware store, tools, bricolage, plumbing, electricity, paints, machines, keys, blinds and paintings. It was founded on June 29, 1931 by partners Fortunato and Antunes. Fortunato takes over the business and sells it to Mr. José Neves Camilo on February 29, 1960. In 1992, the couple Joaquim and Soledade Monsanto acquired all the shares from Mr. José, continuing the operation of the commercial establishment. In January 2020, due to the death of Joaquim Monsanto, the heirs, Ricardo and Vítor Monsanto, took over the management of the store, maintaining all its originality.

Originally, the public access part of the establishment also occupied a large part of the current warehouse, extending to the office area. At the time, the supply of materials by customers was carried out using wagons that entered the building to load the material. In the 60s of the 20th century, remodeling works were carried out in the establishment whose spatiality and furniture lasts until today. Due to its antiquity, this establishment is part of the collective memory of the citizens of Alcântara and Lisbon, forming part of their mental map, thus constituting a geographical reference for the city. It has regular customers and suppliers. It has close ties with the neighborhood as part of the "Cartão Alcântara" network.

Fortunato & Antunes
Fortunato & Antunes

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