Eletromelcar Barbearia Oliveira

Eletromelcar  Barbearia Oliveira





Rua João de Deus 13A

1200-694 Lisboa

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Opening hours:

Segunda, quarta, sexta feira e sábado

09:00 / 20:00

Terças e quintas feiras

09:00 / 19:00

The Shop

The barbershop would take the name "Cabeleireiro de Homens - Melcar" whose "luminous advertisement" is on display in the shop window and appears in an official document dated 1970 (this being the date considered for determining the longevity of the barbershop, based on the aforementioned document as proof of its existence at that time. The firm "Eletro Melcar Lda" changes owners on 04/04/2017, with Diana Oliveira and Bruno Oliveira, the latter being the manager. This establishment is currently part of the chain Barbearia Oliveira" whose name has been displayed on the façade at least since 2020.

This Barbershop acquired significance for the commercial history of Lisbon by having customers from all over the city and from all generations. According to the application form, it was the first to have washing gutters, bringing greater convenience to customers who, for example, did not need to get up from the barber chair to wash their hair. Another singularity of this Barbershop was the creation of a bar, purposely for customers to settle in while waiting to be attended to, as well as the shoe shiner service available on site. Currently, and because its history is widely publicized on social networks, itineraries, magazines and films, it is also visited and frequented by many tourists to appreciate and enjoy the experience of the city's traditional trade/service. It is one of the few barbershops that still retains its authenticity and originality.

Eletromelcar  Barbearia Oliveira
Eletromelcar  Barbearia Oliveira

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